Sunday, June 26, 2011

It's My Barge in a Box

You get married, you party all night long and in the morning you wake up and your wedding gown is in a huge heap on the floor. (Or in my case, the stiff layers of crinoline kept it standing upright.) Now what? I had spent plenty of time worrying about how my gown would make its grand exit the next morning. I had a team armed with very large garments bags in play. Their assignment was to help guide the dress down to the only vehicle with a trunk large enough for it. That was as far as my plan went.

Later my mom informed me that she had arranged to have the dress cleaned and preserved. “It sounds nice,” she said. “They put a copy of your invitation inside the box with it.” It did sound nice and I was secretly relieved that I didn’t have to make a case for saving the dress for an unknown future daughter. It was just done. But my relief turned to concern when I saw my gorgeous ball gown shoved into a three foot cardboard box. It looked like a silver coffin with a plastic window similar to a box a doll would come in. The bodice was stuffed on a paper body form and only the top of the skirt is visible. It looked like a life-sized Wedding Day Barbie, but without the beautiful skirt.

The tulle layers that I fell in love with were not visible. Scrunched inside this box, I imagined they will come out looking as shriveled as my crushed tutus that still hang in the attic. But that wasn’t really the problem as it’s unlikely anyone will wear this dress ever again. What upset me was that my wedding dress is shrink-wrapped away and my favorite part of the dress, its voluminous skirt, would be gone forever. I immediately wished for a daughter and swore I’ll open the box on her 18th, no 16th, wait 3rd birthday. Then I bowed my head for a moment of silence as I paid my last respects to my Anne Barge wedding gown.

There she is on her (only) day in the sun.
Let's all have a moment of silence for my gown.

Ok folks, has anyone else preserved their wedding dress. Does it creep you out staring at you in that wedding dress coffin? Does anyone miss it? I sort of thought I would slip it on again when no one was home and I’m slightly disappointed I can’t do that. Anyone else?

Image: Cynthia Brown Studio
Flowers: Blush Floral Design
Dress: Anne Barge


  1. Come up to my attic anytime to pay respects to your gown!!

  2. I just found your new blog & I love it! This is my favorite post since my wedding gown hasn't been cleaned & preserved. I'm still harboring hopes of wearing it again, even if it's just around the house :-)