Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Homeownership is a Marathon

Homeownership is a marathon, not a sprint.

Those were the words that were boldly printed on a billboard on route 95. I'm not sure what this ad was for, but I am sure that it was meant, 100 percent, for me. While I don't want to put an offer on the very first house we look at, I do want it yesterday. I bought the very first wedding dress that I tried on and I don't shop online because the shipping process annoys me. This period from deciding we are going to buy a house to actually buying a house is killing me.

We've only looked at four houses so far and none of them have been right. There were things I liked in all of them (like the closet within a walk-in closet). But there are also things just not right about each. See below:

No the house isn't slanted, the black and white tile floors are just making you dizzy. 

I know we can paint the walls and put down a new floor. (Sorry to disappoint, I know you totally thought I was going to go for black and white tile in my dining room!!) After that there may even be some money left over for new cabinets and granite counter tops. We could turn this into a pretty rad kitchen—but it's too small. I was really excited to see this property and was able to look past the reckless interior design decisions the previous owner made. (Umm there was even glitter painted onto the dining room ceiling.) But I just could not picture myself living here. I want an eat-in kitchen and I'd like to be able to invite a lot of people over for a party on the occasional New Year's Eve. I didn't see us fitting here.

After each showing that's just not right I feel discouraged. I know I need to slow down. Our perfect home is out there and we'll find it because we are diligent house hunters. But I am feeling really impatient.

Any words of advice?
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  1. hang in there - the right one will come along - be willing to wait a year or two for the right place! and keep in mind location is everything - really.

  2. Very frustrating and long process...but WELL worth it in the end...and just like you just "knew" Keith was the one for you and Manhattan was the college for you, you will get the SAME feeling when you find the house you are meant to live in. Have faith and LOTS of patience!

  3. I can totally relate and feel your impatience with the process. I considered buying every house we looked at - even if I had to completely stretch my imagination (and budget) to picture the house the way I would want it - just so that we could be DONE house hunting! But looking back, if I had picked one of the those houses I would have been disappointed because I would have been settling for less than I wanted. I know you want it to be over, but when you finally reach the end of the hunting and have found the perfect house it will be the most glorious feeling. I can say this because Johnne and I literally just put a house under contract and we couldn't be more excited! I never thought we would get here some days, but we did (in only about 4 months - even though it felt like forever)! Stay picky because I guarantee you will find the house you want and more!! ps- Sorry for the small novel. I just felt like you were saying everything I had felt/thought and got a little carried away :)

    1. Congrats, Alicia!!! I can't wait to see pics!