Monday, March 19, 2012

Favorite Cocktail Party

Saturday was my first St. Patrick's Day without an Irish last name. (Koru Kate, I know you feel me on this.) Since I didn't the right name to display my heritage, I had to wear the form of green pants. Green pants I would have worn regardless of my name, but wear them I did.
Keith and I were invited to a cocktail party that night. Our assignment: mix up a favorite cocktail to be tasted and voted on by all guests. I was so up for the challenge. Just a week earlier I hit up Pinterest looking for a creative drink to make with some quickly ripening peaches in my fridge. I found an easy and refreshing version of a Peach Collins that Keith loved, so we entered that.
Other entries included delicious versions of strawberry mojitos, lychee martinis (tinted green for St. Patty's Day), espresso martinis and a cosmopolitan shot. Each drink was delicious, and it was so hard to pick just one winner. To be a fair judge I had to try more than just one sip of each.
It was such a fun evening. Having each guest make a cocktail was a perfect way to get everyone involved. Warning: the bigger the party, the more dangerous this gets. Mini versions of your favorite drinks for a tasting are my recommendation for lightweights and large crowds. You'll thank me in the morning!

A huge thanks go out to Will and Thanh, our hosts for the evening. Here's Thanh shaking up her Lychee martinis.

Not a Nerd. 


  1. This is a great "theme" for a cocktail party. It's nice to move away from the beer and wine and mix it up with thoughtful drinks!

  2. What a fun party! & yes, I feel you. Since I've only changed my SS card so far, I don't count the name change as official yet so this was my last St. Pat's Day with my Irish last name :-(