Monday, July 2, 2012

Connecticut Beach Weekend

A weekend at the Connecticut shore was exactly what the doctor ordered. Our little trip was perfect because we didn't have to travel far (35 minutes tops). It's so exciting to take a mini-vacation in your own backyard. You get to experience so many interesting places you might not have noticed before. We've been to the beach in Westbrook so many times, but we never stopped for the hot buttered lobster rolls at Edd's.

It's a good thing this delicious meal is not too far from home. I think I could eat one every night.

Instead of spending hours packing and traveling, we got to spend that time with family. We watched the sunset, we woke up and went for walks and we ate a ton of seafood. I loved waking up two days in a row with nothing to do but read my book by the ocean.

My shoreline vacation may be over, but the excitement is not. I'm headed to Logan airport tomorrow night where my parents and I will welcome my brother home. We're so excited he's back and we're going to celebrate the best way we know how—with more great food. See you in a couple of pounds, my friends!



  1. Love, love, love the photos!!! Looks like a beautiful place!! I am very jealous of the views and the lobster rolls!

  2. Oh how I miss those New England hot dog buns! Glad you had a nice weekend and I'm so glad your brother is coming home! Hugs to you and Keith, both.

  3. I LOVE your haircut. You look like the summer is treating you well!!!

  4. OMG that sandwich looks AAAAA-mazing! Do they ship out of state??