Thursday, September 13, 2012

Follow the Wife is GROWING!

If you can look past my filthy mirror you can see that I mean growing very literally.

New furniture is being ordered, many doctors are being seen and all jeans have been abandoned for stretchy leggings. I typically don't take my own official pregnancy shots, but I didn't like how my camera man captured my hips this month.

Where did those hips come from?!

I really enjoy being pregnant. Not only do I love any excuse to buy new stuff (yes, even sports bras) I really love how special it feels to be growing a baby. Plus, strangers have started to notice, and ask me if I'm feeling alright and open doors for me. That makes me feel extra special, too. I don't want that part to end.

There are, however, a few parts of my old life that I miss. Mainly the wine and reckless coffee drinking. But I was a little surprised to learn how quickly I'd outgrow my (one-size-fits-all, yea right) Hanky Panky underwear. Let me tell you, it's a depressing day when you realize your underwear is too small!

I'm excited to share more pregnancy adventures—from the nursery and the continuation of our house hunt to my constant thoughts about cake and all other bakery related items.



  1. I wondered why you'd been missing- what a great reason. CONGRATULATIONS! Wishing you a continued uneventful pregnancy & healthy baby~