Thursday, November 1, 2012

31 Week Update

This Saturday I clocked in at 31 Weeks and a whopping....wait a minute. Did you actually thing I was going to post how much I weigh on the internet? What I will say is that I'm inching closer to outweighing my husband and I just bought a pair of jeans in a size four times larger than what I used to wear. At first the weight gain was a little hard to cope with. I felt selfish that I was obsessing over a too tight pair of jeans rather than focusing my energy on the baby growing inside of me. But once I passed that in-between stage (the one where people glance at your belly and then look away because they're not sure if you're pregnant or just fat) I began to feel much better about my weight. My thighs and butt are bigger—and they might even stay that way, but I'm ok with that. I like the way I look when in the mirror.

A word on the few things I don't like: The swollen hands and feet, back aches and excessive exhaustion that comes from doing ordinary, everyday tasks. I'll be looking forward to kissing you goodbye in two months.

And we're looking forward to dressing our little baby up in these adorable NFL onesies. They were a gift from my shower last weekend, which I will share more about as soon as I upload the images. Stay tuned!


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  1. You are the cutest preggo lady ever! Love the bump and the smile! Can't wait to meet the little one... (and take it to Pepes!)