Friday, October 12, 2012

28 Weeks

We're officially in the third trimester! Since I don't have my professional photographer on hand to snap a quick photo of my belly, you get this lovely self portrait I took in the bathroom on Saturday. So far I feel great, but every time I say that to anyone they say, "just wait......" Yup. I know it's going to get harder to put my shoes on, I know my nights will become less restful and I know that my body will begin to get more and more uncomfortable. There's no need to burst my bubble, people! Let me stride around on my still skinny ankles for as long as I can!

With only 12 weeks left, we have turned the baby preparations into high gear. We're currently taking a birth class, have toured the hospital and have successfully purchased a crib that is structurally sound and chemical free! I still have a checklist a mile long, but I feel like we're getting there. I haven't posted much about our house hunting recently, but that's getting there, too. I'll hold off on the details till everything's final (don't want to jinx it!). But I'm hopefully we'll have a new home for our little baby in no time. 

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