Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Special Delivery: Our Wedding Images Are In!

Excitement is high! Last week I received the most wonderful piece of priority mail—a beautifully wrapped CD containing our wedding images. Since we didn’t hire a videographer, these images are even more special to us. Other than what’s stored in our mind, they are the only window we have into that special day. Loading them up on my computer and pouring through the files brought back so many memories that I had forgotten about. Like this shot of me grabbing my headpiece after our first dance. Keith had just dipped me—the finishing move we had practiced over and over again—and when he picked me back up the headband that was securely fastened into my head shifted a little and I reached to my hair to fix it back into place. We are both smiling because we know we just totally nailed that dance. I love this picture so much because it not only brought back a memory that I had sort of forgotten about, but it’s a moment that only Keith and I know about. Even though we were in front of a room full of people, none of them will have the same memory when they see this picture.

 The first dance. Photo by Cynthia Brown.

I wanted to more more of my favorite images from the day, which happened to be snapped at another of my favorite moments. Before cocktail hour, the bridal party settled down in a bridal suite where a bar and some food had been set up. There were leather armchairs and dark wood paneled walls that made you feel like you were relaxing in a very rich person’s library. Mr. Lawn Club’s Library. The guys all poured themselves bourbon and started posing in front of the fireplace for an impromptu photo session. Naturally I had to be part of the fun, too. So I jumped in did my best impression of Elizabeth Bennett. Little did I know what was going on behind me.

 In the bridal suite at the New Haven Lawn Club. Photo by Cynthia Brown.

Our wedding album is in production! And I’m getting together more images from the big day to share. It’s a wedding photo explosion and it’s all in time for our one-year anniversary.



  1. Oh, what a happy day! Wedding photos are just priceless. I adore the second photo- you can tell it's a sweet moment between the two of you even without your description. Such a beautiful Bride!!!

    p.s. I STILL haven't chosen the photos for our album :-(

  2. This second photo is an instant CLASSIC! You just know those are the types of photos that will be passed around family meals for a loong time to come!

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