Friday, September 21, 2012

99 Days To Go!

Ninety nine days till baby! I can hardly believe that I have entered the double digit countdown. I feel no more prepared to take care of another human than I did six months ago. Plus, I still have nowhere for a tiny baby to sleep. (Not entirely true, our crib has arrived and is sitting at grandma's house in pieces in a box.) The number of days may be on the decline, but the numbers on the scale certainly are not! I can no longer button my favorite Laundry jacket! And the timing could not be better as tomorrow is officially the first day of fall!! Tonight we're going to the Yankees' game so I'm planning for chilly temps. Maternity jeans and layers, and my un-button-able jacket. No Yankee gear for this Boston girl! I feel a little goofy wearing a jacket that won't close, but I kind of over it.   

What are your plans for this weekend?

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