Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Help Me Make Photo Selections!!!

Event Planners,

I need your help! I'm selecting photos for my wedding album and I'm having a hard time narrowing it down. I saw several examples of albums when I first met with our photographer and I've seen a few of my friend's, but I don't remember what images they selected. Do I include one of every bridesmaid walking down the aisle? Or the wedding party's entrance at the reception? What about our parents entrance?
I also need some advice on how many images from each part of the day to select. Right now I've got a heavy selection of getting ready and ceremony shots, and one or two reception images. What's a healthy ratio from each category?

How do I pick just one?

I'm begging for your advice! Brides and wives, what have you done? Photographers and event planners, what do you think looks the best?

Here's a look at some of my wedding photos from Cynthia Brown.


  1. Step 1: Sort your photos so that like/similar photos are together.
    --Cake photos together, Formal photos together--Formals all sorted based on who is in the photos, etc.
    --Don't toss any photos yet...sort even the bad ones.

    Step 2: Weed out the photos you hate.
    --That one where your eyes are closed, That one where you you look dumb.
    --Pay attention if its the ONLY photo like that before you toss it. Sure your mom is making a funny face, but do you have any other photos of her .

    Step 3: Weed out redundant photos
    --How many photos of the cake do you need? A few.
    --How many photos of the cake do you need from a single angle? probably just one.
    --Look at just the similar photos, and pick the one you like best. Lighting/angle/color/exposure... whatever it is, go with it.

    Step 4: Repeat Step 3.
    --Now that you only have 50 photos of your bouquet, instead of 100, is there more pruning to do?

    Step 5: Tell your story
    Now you can start going through your photos in real detail. Hopefully you've cut them in half or more by now. Start to put together the story of your Big Day using the photos instead of words. Don't think about the photos! Think about the story. Once you piece together the story, you've got your album.

  2. Tell the story! Thanks, Andy. I'm going to keep that in mind! Thanks for your steps. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who finds this overwhelming.