Friday, July 29, 2011

Things I'm Thankful For Friday

Happy Friday! Cocktail hour is right around the corner, but first I've got a special story for you'all. My first job after college was working in the school's development office. Part of the "perks" that came with the job was free tuition. Amazing, right? Only problem was the school's graduate programs were in engineering or education, and neither would have helped me reach my goal of becoming a famous magazine editor. But there was one education teacher, Brother Ray, who a lot of my friends studied with during undergrad. I heard about his class all the time and even got to know him a little while I was working in the college's admissions office. So with not much else to do the first fall after I graduated, I signed up for his course on counseling. From the first moment, when Brother Ray asked us why we wanted to be counselors, I knew I was a fish out of water, but I enjoyed the class discussions and was grateful that we didn't have too much homework. What I really loved about the class was that Brother Ray began it each week by asking us to share something we were thankful for. I've tried to continue that practice on my own. When I'm getting ready in the morning or showering at night I try to make a list of the awesome things in my life.
That's why I'm reserving every Friday for a recap on all the glorious things that happened during the week that make me smile. Here goes:

Style Me Pretty Massachusetts
Full disclosure: Born and raised in this great state, but still can't spell it! Ok, any other New England-ers excited about this launch?

The geniuses at Style Me Pretty have also launched SMP Illinois, SMP Georgia, SMP Canada and SMP Australia. Will SMP Connecticut be next? Need an editor?

BHLDN Fall Preview via 100 Layer Cake
Anthropologie (my favorite visual merchandiser on the this planet) is going full steam ahead with their wedding collection, BHLDN. I wish, I wish, I had enough dough to splurge on one of the new fancy dresses they showed Wednesday night. Here's the report from 100 Layer Cake.

Lace Cake on The Knotty Bride

I just can't get over this cake. I'm kicking myself for not thinking of it myself!

Much thanks to the Knotty Bride for sharing the too-pretty-to-eat confection. And another huge thanks for this week's Bachelorette recap. Please keep 'em coming!

Does anyone else make a little (or long) list about the good stuff in their lives? Do you include wedding-inspiration on that list like I do? Just to be clear, I've got an amazing family and friends that I'm thankful for every single hour, every single day.

Tell me what you're thankful for and what's inspiring you this week. GO:

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