Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Follow the God Mother

Weeeeehooo. I'm back. I know what this may look like: The wedding day's over and so is the urge to blog. Well just the opposite is true, my friends. Ever since we said "I do" it's been one change after the next. My work load increased 5 fold in the last month and I'm working my butt off to produce a magazine that makes my readers, my boss and the advertisers equal parts happy. And, AND, I became a god mother. It all just happened so fast. A little more than a month after I became a wife, I became a god mother to my new brother & sister-in-law's new son, Henry.

On June 12 the world welcomed Henry Anthony! Ain't he cute?

We just got back from a visit. The priority of which was to baptize the little man. (See above) The second being to spoil him—and his twin sisters—silly. What does a fairy god mother spoil her god son with?

A guido chain, of course!

And for twin sisters, auntie picked out two pretty little dresses at Baby Gap. Now, I had to get a shot of the girls all dolled up so I asked them to show me their dresses. They both acted like I told them I was going to start shooting their modeling portfolio!

Lily here, just turned two. Will be 22 next summer.

Daphne can count to ten and smeyes. Even ANTM contestants can't do that!

But really, these little babies are so sweet and innocent. They spent most of their weekend "softly" petting their little brother and playing with the hose in the back yard.

Daphne was the sly one who did all the splashing...

While Lily laughed hysterically when Uncle Keith squirted her with the water gun.

I wanted to do something really, really special to welcome baby Henry. I mean it's not like I get asked to be a spiritual role model for a tiny little human every day! The only way to truly express my love for my nephew was to wear it on my chest. Yes, I made myself an I <3 Henry T-shirt. And I made one for everyone, too!

Modern Family anyone?

Ok, ok. so this post has nothing to do with weddings. But wait till you see what I have lined up! Inspiration galore!! For now, I'll leave you with this squishy face.

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  1. I looove the I <3 Henry t-shirts. Soooo cute! What a great photo!