Monday, July 4, 2011

How to Find Found Objects

A lot of brides are incorporating found objects into their weddings. I’m not just saying that because I'm one of them. It’s really happening.

For my wedding, my mom and I thought it would be fun to display centerpieces on cake stands. The florist agreed and our search began. Really, it was my mom’s search. She was much better at finding cake plates, so I woke her up early this morning to find out exactly how she did it.

The Mother of the Bride’s Tips for Finding Found Objects

1. Decide on your theme before you begin your search. You may love mason jars, but they are too casual for an elegant ballroom wedding.

2. Set a Price and don’t go over it. “The florist said she charged $25 for a footed bowl, so I set my price at $12,” says mom. “Sometimes I’d price average though. I bought one that cost $18 and another that cost $8.” If you stick to a price that’s lower than one the florist quotes you, you’ll end up saving a bit of money.

3. Search everywhere! Seriously, never stop looking for your desired objects. Mom found them at antique stores, lot sales and even Home Goods. (Ok, those were not vintage, but I’m not going to tell you which ones they were!) You can also look on ebay or etsy, but I found a few of the same cake stands sold for more (plus shipping) online. *

4. Get others in on the action. Shop with friends so you have extra eyes to scan the piles of stuff in antique stores. They’ll continue to look for you as time goes on. Mom made friends with the owner of one antique store and he called the house once every few weeks with news of more cake stands.

5. Have an exit plan. Eventually, you’re going to have to transport the found objects from your house to the florist or the reception hall and back again. We ended up with almost 40 cake stands! While we focused on collecting them, my dad collected wine boxes. The cake stands also fit nicely into some of the boxes from shower gifts, so be sure to save a few of those.

6. Know when to call it quits. We’re still working on that one. Mom just bought a cake plate last week, and is already thinking about the next thing to collect—milk glass!

*Use your florist as a resource here. He or she may have some great leads about cool places to shop. For example, our florist told us about a store in downtown New Haven, the English Building Market. I also learned about a few local flea markets during a makeup trial, so be sure to ask everyone!

Visit the Marketplace at 100 Layer Cake. There, you can score the finds of other brides.

If you don't want to invest a lot into a collection of items, consider renting them.
I found Recollection Vintage Rentals on Style Me Pretty.
They carry everything from flower vessels to furniture!

While we had our eyes on the prize for most of the time, the actual process of collecting cake stands was very enjoyable. I'd recommend it over buying these items in bulk. I loved going on rides and hunting through stores. Plus, the thrill of victory every time we found a cake stand was unbeatable.

Who else is collecting found objects for their wedding? Where are you getting them? I’m itching to find new places to shop!

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