Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Miss My Honeymoon

After a pool-side happy hour, I thought I was a master of still life photography.
What do you think of my honeymoon ring shots?

Today, we started the day with a hot cup of 100 percent Kauai coffee. On our honeymoon we stopped at the Kauai Coffee farm where we got to wander through the rows of coffee plants and sip samples of all their flavors in the visitor center. We bought a few pounds to bring home and I was ecstatic to dig into them today.

Here's the coffee before I drank it!

Then for dinner we ate mahi mahi marinated in lime juice and topped with a macadamia nut crust. It was delicious and reminded us of one of our favorite dinners from the trip. We ate fresh fish almost every night, but each meal was undoubtedly better with a frozen drink.

What fell in between the two meals today was work, laundry and a quick trip to the gym, hardly vacation-worthy tasks. But it was nice to have a little taste of our honeymoon.

I'm working on the full honeymoon report so please come back!


  1. Sigh, I miss Kauai too! I like your ring shot, much better than my sad attempts. How sweet that your honeymoon lives on with a little effort :-)

  2. Let's go back! We'll make a blogger trip!