Friday, September 9, 2011

Antique Store Wedding Inspiration

Did everyone catch this beautiful antique store wedding from Olivia Leigh Photographie that was featured on Style Me Pretty yesterday? It took place at Salvage One in Chicago.

I love shopping at antique stores. Vintage items that have a history and a story to tell are so much more exciting to me than brand new stuff. When I find a vintage vase or clutch, I can't help but think what wonderfully stylish woman used it before me. (Most of time, it's my grandmother or great aunt who I always imagine were right out of a scene in Mad Men.)

View more images from this wedding here

This wedding made me think: I've never been to an antique store that was big enough to host a wedding. But I have discovered this great place in downtown New Haven called the English Building Market. It's an amazing space filled with the prettiest glasses, dinnerware and furniture. The best part is every section of the store is styled to perfection. The facility is available for photo shoots and all the merchandise can be rented. If you can't fit all your guests inside the store, why not rent a few beautiful vintage couches to create a cozy lounge area at your venue.

I love these chairs. I want to put the white one on my future porch, 
and the cushy black one would be perfect for a cocktail hour lounge.

Anyone celebrating a 9.10.11 wedding tomorrow? I am! In a few hours I'll be making my way to Cape Cod for my cousin Adam's wedding. He's getting married at his grandfather's house, which also happens to be the site of so many of my childhood vacations. I'm even more excited for this wedding because his wife-to-be is Korean so we'll get to experience some new traditions—and fashions—this weekend, too.

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