Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Wedding Album: Adam & Hyeyoon Tie the Knot!

Last weekend my cousin Adam married Hyeyoon (or Yoona) in a beautiful backyard ceremony in Cape Cod. Weddings are about two families coming together and this was one of the nicest examples of that. Yoona's family came all the way from Korea to be a part of the day, and with them, they brought lots of traditional Korean wedding and special occasion clothing.

The day combined delicious seafood typical of any Cape Cod event with beautiful Korean gowns in bright pinks, blue and yellow. There were flags of all the nations represented in this new family—Polish, Korean, Italian and Mexican. During the ceremony, Adam and Yoona said their vows in Korean, and then turned to pay respect to their parents by offering a deep bow. There were lots of American wedding influences as well. Yoona tossed her bouquet to an eager group of single guests and Adam responded with a garter toss.

Small, intimate weddings are so special. Adam and Yoona proved that you don't need a lot of fuss to have a beautiful and memorable day. Congratulations!



  1. How cute. I love when couples mix this cultural traditions.

  2. I love these pictures!! It was such a fun day!!!