Monday, September 26, 2011

Fresh Wedding Inspiration: Alyson & Chris Tie The Knot

 This wedding inspiration is so fresh that I don't  have professional pictures to share...yet. My best friend got married over the weekend. (See above.) I love this picture. Even though it's not a professional shot (credit goes out to bridesmaid Kristen, thank you!) I think it captures the bride looking calm, relaxed and ready to get married in her amazingly gorgeous dress.

The wedding weekend was perfect. I've officially named Alyson "The Bride Who Thinks of Everything". This girl knows how to dot her i's and cross her t's. I snapped a few pictures myself of all the the things I thought you'd love, too. Here ya go:

Wedding Party Superlatives: Picture the Dunder Mifflin Dundee awards, but for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. I was voted Most Likely to Dance with the Father of the Groom (and I did not disappoint!) Others we crowned Most Likely to Help the Waitstaff Clean Up and Most Likely to Sneak Out to Watch the Yankees Game. I thought this was such a great way for the bride and groom to recognize their wedding party. I loved it! 

The Keys to a Happy Marriage Guest Book: I'm a big fan of creative guest book ideas so naturally I was really excited to sign this one. Alyson created a pin board with a pretty gold frame and placed a basket of skeleton keys attached to mini note tags. She framed another sign that asked guests leave their best marriage advice. What I've learned about guest books: People like direction, so spell out very clearly what you want them to do. 

Personal Bouquet Trimming: Alyson wrapped her beautiful calla lily bouquet with her grandmother's charm bracelet. The charm, a gold globe, was a gift from her grandfather. He put a ruby in every place they had traveled to and diamond in their home state.


  1. What a beautiful wedding. I love the colors and the bride's gown is magnificent.

  2. The key idea is adorable. How creative. And the Wedding Party Dundees sounds like fun. I would definitely want to do something like that (and I'd never have thought of it!)

  3. Beautiful! I love her stunning wedding dress & pretty, meaningful bouquet!!