Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Honeymoon: Take Me Back to the Black Sand Beaches

Today was a beautiful day. Granted, I spent most of it freezing my butt off in an overly air conditioned office building, but when I finally made my way outside for lunch I realized it was actually really gorgeous. And by the time I got home it was still so nice out. The moon was big and round and a bright orange color. As perfect as the weather felt today, it still fell just short of the amazing, heaven-like qualities we experienced in Maui. I want to go back and for some reason today just felt like the right day to revisit our trip.

In Maui, there were a ton of things to do. We could have stayed there for another two weeks and still have an itinerary a mile long. But I sunburn easily, so we shortened our stay and tried to squeeze in as much as we could. On Keith's birthday we put on our adventurer caps, turned down the top of our Jeep and hit the Road to Hana. This road has twists and turns and some pretty amazing views. And at the end we discovered a beautiful state park with black sand beaches and a blow hole. (Yes, a blow hole.) We drove over bridges and past waterfalls and all of it would have made me feel like I was on Lost, but I was too afraid to watch that show and therefore don't know much about what it feels like, besides there's a smoke monster. Anyway. Here are some pictures from our ride on the Road to Hana. Enjoy, lovers!



  1. Keith looks like he was on lost!

  2. Its his Survivor headshot! Haha I love that picture of him.

  3. Just ordered a print of the black sand beach from our honeymoon! I wish I was still there too :-)