Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Let's Talk About Diamonds

Almost engaged girls: I've got a great tip for your man. Elizabeth Taylor's famous collection of jewelry is going to be auctioned off this December at Christie's. Among the stash is a perfect, brilliant and probably very heavy 33.19 carat diamond ring set in platinum. What better way for him to ask you to be his wife than with this iconic jewel!!

What would you do with this much diamond? 

Wouldn't that be nice.

But really, let's talk about diamonds. Would you, or have you, ever discussed engagement ring details with your man? Some women say this little chat is a must--they don't want to get stuck wearing and ugly ring for ever. And plenty of other ladies go ring shopping with their guys and pick out their diamond.

I stand on the other side of this debate. Picking out my own ring would have take away so much of the excitement and surprise of getting engaged. Sure, right before it happened I had my suspicions. There were mysterious phone calls and weekends we just had to spend apart. And I thought that was exciting. If I knew there was a ring tucked away somewhere, I think I would have felt pretty impatient and some of the magic would have been lost. We may have talked a little bit about the style of the ring, but I didn't feel any pressure to hint strongly about what I wanted. That's because I didn't really know what I wanted and I knew that Keith would pick out something that I would like, too. (And he did!)

Where do you stand? Who picked out their ring? And who made suggestions about what they wanted? Is anyone willing to let their man do the shopping alone, or am I the only one?


  1. Let me weight in from a guy's perceptive. But first, I must clarify one thing. Engagement ring is NOT an investment, period, end of story. I have yet to meet or heard of a woman who sold her engagement ring because the prices of diamond and precious metal have increased. Since there is no momentary return on the ring men purchase, the investment talk jewelry industry preach is a scam. Men purchase diamond engagement rings for two reasons: First, tradition dictates that engagement requires a ring, and in order to get the woman he loves to say yes, to the jewelry stores he goes. Second, we all know women like to compare size, so us poor, and soon to be poorer, men go out and purchase the biggest and brightest diamond we can afford so our future wife to show off her rock to the rest the of the world.
    Ok, I digressed. To answer the question asked; we men prefer hints, preferable, having her best friends provide recon information on her criteria for the ring. Diamond ring, after all, is a large investment… I meant, expenditure, most men aren’t comfortable buying something equal to the price of a kitchen renovation on something that she might or might not like.

  2. Thanks, Will! You are right, hints are helpful when making such a large purchase.

  3. I'm too much of a control freak to not pick out (or at least help choose) my setting. I think the center diamond should be left up to the guy, but had I not picked out the setting I might have gotten something that I didn't like at all and would want to change.

  4. I was in your boat for a good while - until one fateful day when I realized (current) fiance had absolutely no idea how to proceed on the mentioned topic, NOR did he have any clue what current styles were even like. We did some shopping together and were fortunate enough that the wife of one of his co-workers works at a jewelry store so she was so wonderful and helped him immensely. He did pick the diamond (which is better than anything I could have dreamed up) and I am SOOO HAPPY with the ring! We've been engaged for almost a year now and I still get goosebumps every time I look at it! While it would have been maybe a little more exciting to not know what was going on, we will have this ring for the rest of our lives. He still surprised my socks off with the proposal and the beauty of the ring made it so perfect!