Monday, November 28, 2011

Giving Thanks

Welcome back, travelers. I’m guessing you spent the long holiday weekend bouncing from house to house, visiting family members and friends on either side of your marital, or soon-to-be marital, arrangement. We sure did! Our Thanksgiving adventure started late Tuesday night with a marathon baking session (it was a success, btw) and ended last night when we finally fell into our own bed. Here are some of the fun-filled activities that took place in-between.

Tuesday Night Thanksgiving Baking: Last week I mentioned that I was a little worried about the chunk of cooking assignments I had taken on. But we got everything done. I put Keith to work on the chocolate toffee squares and I made cookies and then we tackled the spinach squares together. Our teamwork resulted in some serious deliciousness, and also a messy kitchen.

 Look! I'm too busy cooking to focus my camera!! 

Turkey Time: Guests started to fill my parents house around 1:00 on Thursday and we had a pitcher of pumpkin martinis at the ready. I helped out in the kitchen and passed hors d’Oeuvres around till it was time for the main event. Then we all headed to our make shift dining room where my dad had assembled three long tables to accommodate our 25 guests. The food was great. The games were hilarious. (This year we asked, “If you could be any celebrity for a day who would you be?”) And our Polaroid place cards were a hit, too.

Reunion Time: Friday night was Keith’s 10-year high school reunion! (Oh, that makes me feel old.) I was proud to attend with my husband to show all his old girlfriends what a babe he married. Also, I wore his school colors. Wife of the year? I think so.

Auntie Time: We spent the rest of the weekend with Keith’s family. Everyone was in town so we had lots of quality time with our nieces and new little nephew. I think the number of times he puked on me is equal to his love for me. Need a little Monday pick me up? Here’s a little baby montage:

We had some great times with the twins, too. Highlights included their first Barbie, a couch cushion tent and Christmas tree cutting. 

She was wearing fairy wings and making the Barbie walk. How cute is that?

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Share your adventures with me! 


  1. WHAT!? I want a martini! My Thanksgiving was dry. As, I'm sure, will be my Christmas. This is what happens when you marry into a Midwestern super-Protestant family of Swedish descent. My Northeastern Anglo Saxon family is quite the opposite...but we'll only be spending the week BEFORE Christmas with them.

    Maybe next Thanksgiving we'll be with them and I can make pumpkin martinis.

  2. cute cute pics! looks like such a gr8 time!!