Thursday, November 10, 2011

Inspiration: Bright Magenta

When it comes to color, I generally keep it simple. I wear a lot of black and navy, and I absolutely love neutral shades like cream and beige. Our house is decorated the same—blue, white and gold dominate. And when I do stray, I always opt for shades of pink. I don’t hate color. In fact, I love it. Bold shades always draw my eye. I’m just more of a play-it-safe type of gal, and when it comes to spending money on clothing I like to invest in pieces I know for certain I won’t tire of.

With winter approaching I want to embrace color, so when I was drawn to a deep magenta blouse at J. Crew a few weeks ago I knew I had to get it. I didn’t ask myself the usual questions I ask when I shop: What will I wear this with? How often will I wear it? Would it be more practical in black? I just bought it! And I’m so happy I did. Magenta is the perfect color for a wedding party, too. I just love how the color pops. If I had to plan my wedding right now I’d dress my bridesmaids in it.


Pretty lame self photo of my bright magenta J. Crew top, but you get the idea.


Bridesmaids dresses in spiced wine from J. Crew

Source: via Libby on Pinterest photo by Eric Kelley Photography

What do you think about this color? Would you wear it to work? Or a wedding? Or dress your bridesmaids in it? 

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