Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Inspiration: Bright Dahlia

Lately, I’ve been craving neon colors. (Which is perfect timing because they’re trending for Spring 2012!) A few weeks ago it was magenta that had my heart. This week it’s the lovely and loud shade of pink that J. Crew so correctly classifies as Bright Dahlia. I’m in love.

J Crew's Adrienne dress in Bright Dahlia

I first spotted the hue on a skinny belt from Ann Taylor Loft. I had it in my hand, but decided to save my money instead. (What? Did I just say that?) So great news came last night when I saw it was 50% off, plus free shipping. And bad news quickly followed when I learned the item was sold out. So pink is popular. I can’t say I’m surprised.

I found this image from Brooklyn Bride on Pinterest and I want to move in.

While there is something really special about soft romantic shades and monochromatic color palettes, I’m really loving bold pops of color right now. Contrasting shades can come off as casual, and I think the trick is to use small punches of color in unexpected places. For example, wear a hot pink headband or decorate the back of your chairs with streamers in a look-at-me shade. Why stop there! Hang cream-colored escort cards from bright ribbon or add a big fat (hot pink) kiss to your favor tags. If you can weave color into unexpected places, you’ll have your guests’ attention all night long.

Fun fashion tip ---> If you love neons but not enough to marry them pick out accessories in bold shades to pack on your honeymoon. Mixing in a few new pieces will refresh your wardrobe, making it feel like new. Plus, the eye-catching colors will make your photos come out great.

Do you dare to go bold with a hot neon shade? Tell me how you would incorporate Bright Dahlia into your wedding or wardrobe?

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