Friday, November 4, 2011

How Big Will Your Bouquet Be?

Did any of you early birds catch Randy Fenoli on the Today Show this morning? He has a book out called, "It's All About The Dress," which I'm sure is something you planning brides can relate to. Don't you feel that your dress really sets the tone for the rest of the design decisions you make?
Randy shared some of his "rules" for brides and I wanted to share one that I thought was really interesting: He said your bouquet should not be larger than your head, otherwise it will take attention away from your dress.
Do you agree?
Bouquet trends are always changing. Just look at your family's wedding photos and you'll see that no two are the same size or style. While planning, I never considered the size of my bouquet. That was one detail I left in the hands of the professional florist. And I was so happy with the results. Check it out:

 Photos courtesy for Blush Floral Design and Amy Kelkenberg

Photo courtesy of Cynthia Brown Studio
Ok, so my bouquet was larger than my head. But I think it complements my dress perfectly. If your dress has less volume, you may want to consider a smaller shape. That's why it's important to bring a picture of your dress when you meet with the florist. Which brings this post full circle: Your dress really sets the tone for the rest of your choices.

Have you thought about your bouquet size? Does size matter to you?  


  1. I think your head and your bouquet were the perfect size!

  2. I left my bouquet size up to my florist too! I'd shown her a picture of my dress though, and it was well proportioned. They probably take body shape-and-size into account when they're meeting with brides, I'd imagine.

    I think your bouquet was the perfect size, and your dress was more voluminous than mine, so it needed to be larger!

    (Remember those cascading bouquets we see in vintage wedding photos! SO HUGE! I couldn't handle it.)

  3. Thank you, Elspeth. What about, Kate Middleton's. Too small, I thought. I'm glad I picked a florist who was more in tune to these things! Made planning easy for me.