Monday, February 13, 2012

Design Idea: Dark Bathrooms

Raise your hand if you’re not tuned into the Whitney Houston station on Pandora right now. That’s what I thought. “The Greatest Love Of All” just came on and has successfully made me feel like a kid again. While nothing topped my childhood love for NKOTB, my parents did have the Whitney album (in record form) and I remember throwing mini dance parties in my living room to “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.” Not much has changed besides having upgraded from record to MP3.

Other than attending all the spontaneous dance parties that erupted throughout the state upon news of Whitney’s death on Saturday night, we had a relatively quiet weekend. Keith’s and his brother are working on a new house and spent some time finalizing floor plans and layouts. I took this as an opportunity to scout design ideas for them (I mean me) on Pinterest. Naturally, I started with my favorite room—the bathroom. I really like airy light spaces, but I’ve recently been to a lot of restaurants that have painted or wallpapered their bathroom walls in dark shades like navy blue or black. I was especially smitten with one restroom that had dark wooden walls like the inside of a log cabin. There are usually no windows in restaurant bathrooms and you usually don’t spend that much time in them (usually) so I wasn’t sure how this look would translate to a home bathroom. This is where Pinterest comes in. When I searched ‘dark bathroom’ I was happy to see that it can in fact be very pleasing to the eyes. Most balanced the dark with windows and bright pops of color, like tangerine towels or a yellow chair. It’s a very masculine look, which I think is not a person’s first instinct when it comes to decorating a bathroom.

Maybe it’s not the best design decision for a home that Keith and his brother hope to sell in a few short months. I don’t think everyone is down with dark bathrooms. But right now, I totally am.

What do you think? Yay or Nay to dark bathrooms? 

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