Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowl Weekend, Plus Picking Up Guys On Trains

Happy Friday morning folks! I’m starting my day with a delicious cup of French press coffee and I know that means it’s going to be a good day-slash-weekend. Let’s see, the Pats are in Indianapolis and I’ve got a major bag of tortilla chips on the counter. Super Bowl Sunday: You are officially on alert! On Saturday I’m meeting up with my friend Erin who moved to North Carolina before Christmas, but not before my mom and I whip up a delicious cooking project for my favorite food blogger Wendy See Wendy Do! (Stay tuned for that fun.)

I also want to tell you about a funny thing that happened to me yesterday. I was on the train home and had just pulled out my book, 11/22/63 by Stephen King. The woman behind me tapped me on the shoulder to ask about it. “Is that a new Stephen King book?” she said. “I love him.” I told her about the book, (it’s about an English teacher who goes back in time to stop JFK’s assassination,) but when I turned back around to continue reading the man in front of me asked about it, too. He had it on hold at the library and was looking forward to starting it, he said. I held up the almost 900 page copy and joked that he should consider buying it for his Kindle and then I turned back to the page I had open on my lap. Then the funny thing happened: He leaned over the seat and handed me his business card. “Use this as a bookmark and call me when you finish,” he said. What? Huh? Did I just get hit on because of this Stephen King novel?

 Stephen King is a dude magnet. Who knew? 

Naturally, I waved the card in my husband’s face as soon as I got home. “Watch out,” I warned. “Dudes can’t get enough of my sexy literary charm.” He paid me no mind, (confidence is so sexy) and we moved on to dinner. I never got hit on much before I was married, but it was kind of flattering to have a stranger take notice yesterday. My husband tells me everyday that he loves me and that he thinks I’m beautiful. “I like your makeup today,” he’ll say as we get ready, or, “That shirt looks pretty on you.” But isn’t it a nice little ego boost when a total stranger notices you?

Married and engaged ladies, have you been hit on by someone who didn’t realize you were taken? Tell me about it.


  1. Daaaaaaa-yum girl. :P
    Nothing since I got engaged, but while my husband and I were dating a guy ran off a train to hand me a note telling me that my smile is beautiful, and also with his phone number. It certainly made me smile.

  2. Thats so cute. What a fun way to hit on you too. What train do you take? I'm taking it this weekend ;-)

  3. HEHE I was on the Metro North. If you want to get guys leave your Kindle at home!