Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Rewind: A Tough Loss and Registry Essentials

Can I get a weekend do-over? I need one more day and I’d like to give the New England Patriots a do-over, too. I’d like to jump in a time machine and help Wes Welker catch that pass. Well maybe I wouldn’t personally be much help in the pass catching department, but let’s just go with this.

On the bright side: I won the pool and my Boston Cream Cupcakes were a hit!

 Boston Cream cupcakes and Sam Adams beer. I was so prepared for this game! 

It was a great game and we filled our table with too much pizza, wings, mini hot dogs and everything else you could imagine being served during the Super Bowl game. And all football loyalties aside, I was really excited to bust out some of our new entertaining equipment. Some of my favorites:

 I identified the cheese selection with chalk. 

The Mikasa Cheers ice bucket. (Yup. I’m honest to goodness excited about ice buckets!)

And these pretty tall pilsner glasses. They make beer drinking so sophisticated.

Earlier this week, I also bought this beverage tub at Target for serving beer and I love it! I think it’s going to play a major role in our future entertaining adventures. I like it because every time we’ve invited guests over they come with beer, which usually finds its way into our fridge. I really don’t like having company stick their head in my fridge—it’s kind of like letting people open my underwear drawer.

Now I can throw some ice in this pretty tub and no one has to see which condiments I’ve been hoarding since 2008.

Tell me about your Super Bowl experience. Did you attend a party, throw a party or not watch the game at all? And what are your favorite registry items for entertaining?


  1. Your Boston Cream Cupcakes look delish!! I love the slate cheese board too! That is definitely going on the registry!

  2. Love the cake plates too!!