Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween: Do You Still Dress Up?

Halloween kind of snuck up on me this year. I wasn’t really thinking about the holiday at all. But early Saturday afternoon I found myself rummaging through my closet for a costume. Keith decided to recycle an old idea and go as a contestant on Survivor, while I piled on the weirdest things I could find, pinned stuffed animals to myself and went as a crazy cat lady. Here are our last minute creations:

Last time Keith dressed up as a Survivor contestant, I did too. I wore my bikini, a buff and smeared brown eye makeup on my face. See:

The year before that, I found another excuse to wear a bikini, and before that my costume included some form of sheer stockings, a short petticoat skirt and red high heels. I loved getting dressed up for Halloween. I loved any excuse to wear my bathing suit to a party.

 This is my first Halloween as a married woman, and this weekend I found myself layering on the clothes. It probably had something to do with the freak October snow storm that was going on, and also the fact that I’m a grown up now. (Seriously? Am I really?) Looking back, I think I had some pretty great costumes, but I could have pulled off the looks with a tad more clothing. And I probably could have rocked this year’s look with a bit less crazy. But what can I say, it was snowing and cold and that really helped me get into character!

 Did anyone else ditch the sexy costumes once they were wed? Or did you never wear them to begin with? (Good for you if you never wore fishnets on Halloween!)

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