Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Decorating Differences: Wallpaper Compromise Reached

Believe it or not, my husband and I don’t agree on everything. He’s a republican, I’m a democrat. He’s a Yankees fan and (as much as I hate to admit it now) I love the Red Sox. But those are all livable, manageable differences for us. We see eye-to-eye on the politics that matter and I’ve learned to develop a thicker skin while watching baseball. But one difference we’ve been pretty stubborn about is wallpaper. I desperately want to cover our walls with it—paint feels so unoriginal and boring to me—but Keith is holding his ground that wallpaper is for the birds. He’s not interested in hanging it, and even less thrilled about taking it down after. Since I’ve appointed myself head of the home decorating committee at our humble abode, I’m determined to find a way to get my pretty patterned walls.

Enter Tempaper. It’s a temporary self-adhesive wallpaper that can be applied (and easily repositioned) to any wall, so you get the beauty of wallpaper without the pasty mess. Voila!


Edie in Spanish Moss, Marrakesh in Ruby and Slate and Bela in Coco and Sand. 
Photos by Tara Striano, courtesy of Tempaper. 

I showed Tempaper to Keith last night and I didn’t get a solid commitment, but I do think we’re on our way to working things out. He suggested we pattern our walls with these allover wall stencils from Etsy. I'm smitten with this Harlequin Trellis look. Good thing we have more than one room!

I know we’re not the only ones who disagree. Tell me, how do you and your man solve decorating differences?


  1. Ooooo I LOVE the top one!!! Beautiful!

  2. Agree! That's the print I like best, too.