Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Nashville: Music City, USA

Hey guys, it’s me. Remember me? I’m back. You were probably thinking that I was on the lamb or something, but I was only in Nashville. My lovely husband decided it was time for a weekend get-away right around the same time Southwest was having a major sale. Add that to my sunny boy’s master Priceline search skills and we got ourselves a nice little weekend.

Now why would two yankees like us want to go to Nashville? It’s Music City, USA, of course. Keith loves music of the country variety. I, on the other hand, consider myself a novice in the category. They say that country music is the most popular genre because its lyrics are easiest to relate to. It’s true I love a good tune about the summer or weekends. But my coming of age story is set in The Bronx. I can't relate to a lyric about picking up the guy who drives the biggest tractor. Unless the tractor is a metaphor for something else... Am I missing something here? Maybe it's just me. Maybe Nashvill-ites don’t relate to Jay-Z lyrics.


After our little jaunt to the south I like country music a little more, and I like country music a little less. I learned more lyrics I can relate to and I loved hanging out in the honky-tonk bars wearing jeans and singing along. But man those songs get stuck in your head. And when a solo guitar player is strumming away next to your gate at the airport while you wait for your flight home that’s been delayed four hours it’s pretty easy to hate those beer-drinking, weekend praising songs. Know what I mean?

We didn’t ONLY listen to country music while we were in Nashville. We went on a wild food tour that included popular spots like the Pancake Pantry, which boasts a bazillion types of, you guessed it, pancakes. I died (like Rachel Zoe) for the sweet potato pancakes with cinnamon cream. (Fun Tip: They served maple syrup in glass ketchup bottles topped with a spout. I’m so stealing this idea.) We also visited a few old soda shops and dined at a delicious little spot called Margot’s. Now I’m on an all-vegetable diet in hopes of reversing some of the damage.

You can't go to Nashville without stopping by the Country Music Hall of Fame (we did) and visiting the Grand Ole Opry (we did that, too). It was exciting to watch a show at the G.O.O. Did ya'll know they broadcast those shows on Sirius Radio?

You’ve been asking to see pictures. Or at least one of you has asked sooooo here ya go:

Oh yea, we saw Rascal Flatts at The Grand Ole Opry

 Yea, that guy.

 We had such a lovely time in Nashville! When was the last time you went somewhere fun with your hunny?


  1. Ha! This is great. I saw Rascall Flatts in person a few years ago too. I had the same description of him at the time, "Yeah, that guy..." (whoever he is) and turned out to one of the best concerts I can remember. They're great!

    Looks like an awesome trip. I think I am definitely adding this to next year's itinerary.

  2. Umm, and I want to meet the man that can wear that cowboy boot ;-)

  3. Nashville sounds & looks like fun! My hubs & I last escaped for a getaway in July, we're due for another. ASAP.

  4. "That guy" is in Rascal Flatts! Even I know that ;) Sounds like you had a blast!!!