Monday, October 3, 2011

What's Your Dream Dress?

Just wondering: Did anyone pick out their wedding dress before they, um, were engaged? I'm 100 percent guilty of this, but I have a good excuse. I interned for a bridal magazine my senior year of college and in addition to researching hot honeymoon spots and fact checking real weddings I had the opportunity to assist the fashion editors. I got to work at one or two shoots, but I mostly just sorted through boxes of shoes and dresses in the "fashion closet". (Which was absolutely not a bad way to spend an entire day.)
I fell in love with this dress from a small designer in Seattle, Madina Vadache.

I died for this dress in, um, 2005. I didn't really think it would still be waiting for me when it came time to marry. I honestly kept my eye on it for years. And then all of the sudden it was Go Time and I kinda forgot about it. I still love this dress--the high lace collar and cap sleeves are so regal. But I didn't see myself in this dress on the big day.

So want to see what I did see myself in on the big day?

Anne Barge 612

Awwww. That was an awesome moment. Basically, I took my initial idea and pumped it up a little. I never tried on my dream dress, but once I was in my actual dress it was like no others existed. 

Am I the only one who picked the dress before the husband? And if so, did you stick with it?


  1. There really was only one dress for you and that was the one you wore on your wedding day!!!!
    Your Mother!!

  2. I lovvvvveeeeed your dress!! It was so beautiful on you in each and every way! That was my dream dress for you! lol