Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Inspiration: I Love Lattice!

Today I'm inspired by these lattice flats from BHLDN. And this inspiration is coming to you at a bargain because these pretty shoes are on sale. (Seriously, get them while you can!)

Bottom: Image by Cynthia Brown Studios

At the risk of sounding over dramatic, I'm in love with lattice work. The pattern is clean and simple, so it plays well with other prints. I'd love to throw some big bold floral pillows on a lattice print couch and live out my life there. (Watching only Bravo TV, of course!) I love it so much I planned my wedding registry around the black and white lattice I'm planning to have painted on my future kitchen walls. For a wedding, incorporating lattice into the stationery or cake decoration is a surefire win in my book. The pattern looks lovely on all confections (including cupcakes) and can be artfully executed in fondant or butter cream. Just not by me!

What do you think? Do you love lattice, too?