Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inspiration: Holiday Lanterns

December 1, where did you come from? I can’t say you didn’t give me fair warning, what with Thanksgiving and all. But still. Where did you come from? I’m not ready for all the eggnog sipping and hall decking that you demand. No. That’s a lie. I am. In fact, I’m dying to dig out the Christmas decorations and listen to some Micheal Buble holiday tunes.

Today I stopped by Target to run a quick errand and ended up leaving with two pretty white lanterns with star cutouts.

I’m really in love with these lanterns. Lanterns in general are such a pretty winter decoration. The flickering light can easily warm a room (or walkway) up. I hope I can keep track of these from year to year because I’d really like to put them on the front steps on my future house.

Now I am ready to do more decorating! Ideally, I’d love to host a tree-trimming party with a few close friends. I’d serve wine and have snacks and, of course, lots of above mentioned Michael Buble slow jams. But every year I can’t seem to get it together. This year I’ll settle for a quiet night with my husband. Just us, a bare tree and a box of ornaments. Michael Buble can come too.  

Also, here's a great idea for you to bring to a Yankee Swap:

 It's a Justin Bieber singing toothbrush. Perfect for all your friends and loved ones! 
 When do you do your holiday decorating? Or have you already done it? And what will you be decking your halls with? Share some inspiration below.

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