Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brides: Steal These Golden Globe Trends

Did everyone watch the Golden Globes? I watched, but only for one reason—to see the dresses. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been dazzled by the red carpet gowns celebrities wear for these elaborate award shows. Before my prom, and even my wedding, I flipped through the pages of People Magazine to see which award show hair styles I liked best and which accessories would work with my dress.

On Sunday I watched with the same amazement as my favorite TV and movie starts flounced down the red carpet in the most amazing dresses. I don’t remember who won most of the awards, but I do know who looked great. And if you’re planning a wedding, I saw some neat trends I think will inspire you.

1. First up, Claire Danes caught my eye. Maybe it’s because I’m a HUGE fan of Homeland where she plays an incredibly insane person who I love and am annoyed with all at the same time. Maybe. But I thought she looked great. I loved the black and white dress and its open back and I thought her simple bun looked effortless and chic. (I mean effortless in a good way. I really liked the way it looked.) I’d like to see more bridesmaids adopt this look! Perhaps I will.


2. Paula Patton was so sexy in MI:3. 4? Was it MI:4? Who cares! The movie was great, go see it. And then let’s talk about her daring yellow dress. I smiled when I saw this color on her. I just bought a really bright yellow bag so it’s kind of my new favorite color. The only problem I have with yellow is that it doesn’t match my skin tone too well. I don’t think I’d ever be able to rock a yellow frock. But I wish I could. I’m a big believer that bridesmaid should wear muted tones like navy or gray, but if your girls have the right coloring and the right attitude (I mean fun, do you have fun friends?) then they might be able to pull this off. I do think this color would work better for smaller bridal parties. Ten maids in screaming hot yellow might be a bit too much.


3. Dear, Shailene Woodley. I have not seen your movie because it looks like it’s going to make me sad. Also, I think I know you from another movie but I don’t know which one. (A little help here? Oh, The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Thanks, Google.) Now, if your movie is anything like your Golden Globes look then I will run out and see it right away because it must be absolutely stunning. You looked like a goddess with the draping and the sparkle and your hair was so elegant. Thank you for being so great.


Now take this dress and chop off the bottom. Voila, you now have the most elegant bridesmaid dress known to woman kind. I like this version from WToo.

4. My girl Charlize Theron rocked a sparkly headband. If you’re a bride I suggest you pin this image onto your “Wedding” board, print it out, rush to your hairdresser and ask for this look. As for this headband—you can probably find something close on Etsy.


I have many more favorites and you can see them on this pintrest board I created. Follow me on Pinterest. Then tell me what you thought of the Golden Globes fashion. Any one disagree with my picks? And what wedding/special occasion trends did you see?


  1. My favorite was Modern Family's Julie Bowen. I loved her dress, make up and hair. Definitely old Hollywood glam!

  2. Thank you for summing up my feeling about Claire Danes on Homeland...I root for Carrie as I shake my head at her.

  3. Can't wait for that show to come back!
    And I loved Julie Bowen's dress, too!!