Monday, January 30, 2012

Super Bowl Party Inspiration

Tom and Keith are ready for the Super Bowl! 

I love entertaining. My old roommates and I used to throw parties all the time. Some of our earlier bashes involved cheap kegs we’d chill in the bathtub and the more sophisticated soirees usually featured a signature cocktail and plenty of wine. One thing was always the same: We kept it simple, and everyone had a great time.

Since becoming a wife, I have not had many opportunities to entertain. We do not have much space or a big table so a dinner party seems hard to manage. We do, however, have a beautiful big screen TV, and last year we decided to invited some friends over for a Super Bowl party. We got beer, ordered wings and pizza and made a few simple appetizers. Each guest arrived with something in hand and we ended up with a feast. Everyone had a good time—even if there wasn’t enough room for us all on the couch.

This year we’re doing it again and I’m excited to play host. I’m even more excited because my favorite team is playing on Sunday. I think the Super Bowl is the perfect occasion for you to test out your hostess skills. There’s not much pressure—people just want to watch a football game and eat wings. But I have been thinking of a few fun ways to go the extra yards:

Invite a mix of friends. It’s always nice to have a lively crowd with lots to talk about. Just be sure you do the introductions—not everyone will go out of their way to talk to someone new at a party.

Serve something unique to the game. We’re filling galvanized tubs with beers brewed in New England (Sam Adams, perhaps?) and New York. You can also consider regional snacks like New England Clam Chowder.

Keith's tip: Raise the stakes! Organize a simple betting grid where everyone pays $5 or $10 for a square (or several squares).

Focus on creating a comfortable atmosphere for your guests. Food is always a top priority at a party, but at this type it is ok to rely on the delivery guy. Work on setting up a functional drink station with ice, slices of lemon and lime and glasses. Have lots of plates and napkins at the ready and make extra room around the TV.

Is anyone else having a Super Bowl party? Which team are you rooting for? And what’s your best hostessing tip?

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