Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Really Easy Infused Vodka DIY

I have another super easy DIY project for you and this one involves booze! But first I just have to say how hard it is to keep my “not change into sweats right when I get home” resolution. The first thing I wanted to do when I got in last night was peel off my jeans, but I remained strong and cooked dinner. And then ate the same clothes. Are pajama jeans socially acceptable? Because if I’m going to keep this up I think I need to invest in a pair.

Ok, back to this really easy DIY project that involves booze. For Christmas, Keith and I made our own vodka. Now before you get too crazy, remember that I said this was super easy. We didn’t actually make vodka. I left out a word back there. We made our own flavored vodka. We flavored a vodka that was already made. There.

I love to give personalized gifts, but I’m not much of a crafter. So when my friend sent me a link to an article on this new home vodka flavoring trend I was excited and nervous. I got my husband on board and we ran out to Costco for two bottles of their finest Kirkland vodka and a pack of fresh basil. (That’s right, no vanilla bean booze for us. We were going to get crazy with this.)

After posing for a picture in the parking lot we came home, unscrewed the top of the bottle and stuffed the (washed) basil leaves in.

I set the bottle in a dark corner for two days to “brew”. While we waiting, we ordered these pretty bottles from the Container Store and I searched around the house for some ribbon to decorate the bottle. After two days our vodka had turned a pretty lime green color.

I gladly took it for a test run before bottling it up and was pleasantly surprised to see that it had a very nice basil flavor. I mixed it with lemonade, but would have added some muddled strawberries as well if I had any.

I rebottled it because the basil leaves were looking a little limp and not too pretty after two days. If you’re planning to keep the vodka around for a while, I’d suggest straining it from whatever it’s being infused with. You can add fresh ingredients back in if you’re going to be serving it at a party. It will decorate the bar and wow guests.

Give it a try. Then share your flavor ideas with me! I think I’m going to try rosemary infused vodka next.


  1. I love this idea! I can't wait to try it! (Also, LOVE the chevron tags!!)

  2. I'm a huge fan of cranberry and grapefruit (which is why I'm such a Seabreeze fan!) so I'd love to make infused vodka with either of those fruits.