Friday, January 13, 2012

What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Happy Friday! We’re heading into a long weekend—a much needed long weekend. January has been such a busy month, which I’m so happy about. But I am looking forward to spending the next few days relaxing. We have some very important things on the agenda, too. Top priority tomorrow is to root for our favorite football teams. Go Pats! We may even head into New York to watch the games with some friends. Since Keith got the Sunday Ticket, we’ve been enjoying football from our living room each weekend and I must say, I really miss those delicious nachos from the bar!

And this is a little bit embarrassing: We have to take down our Christmas tree and put all the holiday decorations away. That’s right. There has been holiday cheer in our house since right around Thanksgiving. I’m dying to get our furniture back in place and get all these pine needles vacuumed up. 

What are your plans this weekend?


  1. We have a little getaway planned to celebrate our first anniversary :-)

  2. We're getting away too!! Going skiing in VT :) And I still have to put the Christmas decorations away too! Thank God we have Monday off!!