Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday: Five Fun Firsts

It’s Friday, let’s do something fun today. Here are five of my favorite firsts:

1. My first job was a lifeguard at the YMCA. I made one save in my entire career—a young boy who turns out was only fooling. (Not funny.) I was also a little disappointed that I was issued a bright red XXL T-shirt that said Guard instead of a bright red Speedo that said Guard. I really wanted a lifeguard bathing suit.

2. I must have pulled off the over-sized T-shirt look because the first boy I kissed was also a lifeguard.

3. The first time I flew on an airplane was on a family vacation to Toronto the summer before I entered sixth grade. I wore a dress and my brother and I thought the turbulence felt like a fun roller coaster ride. Now I clutch the armrest and gasp every time there’s a bump during a flight. I always remember my mother reminding us to, “Calm down! Not everyone thinks this is as fun as you two do!”

4. I wore a black ruffled dress on my first date with Keith. I’ll probably never get rid of it. He took me to dinner at a wine bar on the Upper East Side and out for drinks after. I suggested the bar based off a suggestion from a co-worker—she said it played fun music and had lots of dancing. When we walked it the place was DEAD. Saturday, not Friday, was actually the day when all the dancing happened, she later said.

5. I bought the first wedding dress I tried on. Everyone knew it was the right one, but I tired on a few others just to be sure. I made a lot of quick decisions while wedding planning and did a little bit of second guessing as the day got closer and closer. I never once regretted picking that gown though. I spent a lot of time looking at the photos of it on my computer when no one was around.

Now you go: Share some of your first moments with me. 

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  1. I remember the FIRST time I saw you....I said, "Hi Elizabeth Jane" even though we planned to name you "Elizabeth Rose"????? And that lifeguard was a JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!