Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Most Romantic Day of Your Life

I was reading an article about day after photo shoots and it said that the day after your wedding is the most romantic day of your life. I read that line again. Is the day after your wedding really more romantic than your wedding day? Or what about the day you get engaged? I thought about it. Our wedding day was the best day of my life, but I don’t think I’d classify it as romantic. It was exciting and busy and a lot of fun. The day we got engaged was much the same—busy and exciting. I had just got to Florence after spending the last seven or eight hours crumpled on a plane. That evening was very romantic, but the day didn’t start out that way.

Thinking back to the day after our wedding, I have decided these magazine editors and photographers might be on to something. That day was mother’s day and we woke up early to have breakfast with our moms. I showered to wash all of the pins and hairspray out of my hair and I let my natural waves air dry. I had washed off my makeup the night before but my eyes were still rimmed with black liner and several false lashes were still attached. I slipped on a gray and white striped wrap dress and a pair of flats. I felt like Kate Middleton, but I probably realistically looked much worse for wear. (Thinking you look great when you really don’t only happens when a) you’re wasted or b) you’re feeling majorly romantic.)

We packed everything up and my parents came down to pick up my dress and a bag of stuff we were not bringing on the honeymoon. My maid of honor stopped by to drop off the lipstick she had been carrying for me the day before. While I waited for everyone I wrapped the ribbon headband I had worn around my waist like a belt. “Should I wear this to breakfast?” I asked. We decided I should not.

At breakfast, toast and coffee were all we could manage. We gave our moms gifts—jewelry we had found at a shop in New Haven. Someone had brought one of the centerpieces down (or up, the restaurant was on the top floor of the hotel) and placed it on the table for us. We looked through pictures on my mom’s camera and then we said goodbye.

On the ride to the airport I remarked how excited I felt. I was anticipating a post-wedding let down, but I didn’t feel anything like that. I felt blissful and I was sure I’d feel that way forever. We parked and were picked up in a fancy Mercedes van to be driven to our terminal. At my feet sat a tote bag with my new initials. It was stuffed with books and a sun hat and some candy for the flight. I looked down at the bag excited to be using it, excited about what it meant. I was now a Mrs.

At the airport, I changed out of my dress and into a comfortable pair of leggings. We still weren’t very hungry so I ordered two smoothies from the food court. We had a direct flight to Hawaii, which would take about 10 hours. Most people cringed when they heard how long it would be, but we hardly noticed. We watched a movie and slept a little. I finished reading my book.

Once in Hawaii, we had to take another flight to Kauai. It was raining pretty hard on the island and our flight was delayed. We ate sandwiches at a cheesy airport bar and grill while we waited. Outside the gate we waited some more, laughing and joking about some of the other passengers.

When we finally got to Kauai it was pouring still. We got our rental car and Keith drove with his hands tightly gripped around the steering wheel. It was dark and the roads were flooded. We were lucky our hotel was on the south side of the island, they told us. Bridges and roads were closed leaving several travelers stranded at the airport.

Our hotel lobby was new and trendy looking. There were white leather couches and a big round settee. The woman at the front desk offered us something to eat from the late night menu and showed us to our room where a bottle of champagne and two glasses sat waiting for us. “Finally,” I thought when I saw the champagne. It was the honeymoon welcome I had been waiting for.

This was the start of our dream vacation and our first day as husband and wife. Had we not been married the day before, we would have complained about waking up early and about delays at the airport. The flooded roads would have frustrated us and the long flight would have felt restless. But looking back, it was one of the most romantic days of my life. There was no fancy dinner or candle light—just husband and wife starting their lives together.

Tell me about your first day as husband and wife. Did you leave for your honeymoon right away or spend the day resting and catching up with family and friends? Was it the most romantic day of you life? 


  1. i can totally see that too - our day after was full of traveling but we were still in the "just married" glow and it was such a wonderful day.

  2. my most romantic days were our engagement & wedding days! we had the "just married" glow the day after our wedding but besides the farewell brunch, it was much too hectic with clearing out our hotel room, packing for our honeymoon, dropping off our dog to his petsitter, etc to be very romantic.