Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

Welcome back, everyone. How was your holiday? Did you travel to be with family? Did you spend the time with new in-laws? Did you eat and drink too much and are trying really hard to detox right now? I can proudly answer yes to all three. I’m finally back home and relaxing on my couch with a hot cup of coffee and feeling really jolly about what a great weekend Keith and I had. We spent time with both of our families and friends, we slept as late as we wanted to most days and indulged in way too many Christmas-themed cupcakes. I feel like I might die if I so much as look at another cupcake. (Someone please remind me I said this later on. Thanks!)

Did I mention my hunny also spoiled me with the best Christmas gift ever: A fancy new camera. I’m still learning how to use it—this big boy has way more buttons, modes and switches than my smart phone—but I did get to document some of our weekend. 

We opened presents my brother sent from Afghanistan. Bootleg DVDs and guava flavored hooka...

...a T-shirt and hat for my parents.  

Tom Brady was another one of my favorite gifts. 

He showed us how to Tebow...

...and played a few songs on the piano. 

Then my kitty cat made a new bed in the boxes before we could clean them up. 

How was your holiday? What do you highlights include? What were some of your favorite gifts? 

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