Thursday, December 15, 2011

Mr. & Mrs. Christmas Tree: Part II

I’ve got to catch you up on our first Christmas tree. I sort of left you hanging there on Monday with an x-rated image of our naked tree, didn’t I? After work, we gussied that bad boy up with lights, a pretty ribbon garland and lots of ornaments.

Stringing the lights from the tree went almost as smoothly as the tree transporting went on Sunday. If you missed the last tree post, then you missed that pun. Tree transporting only went kind of smoothly. In an attempt to channel the great Martha Stewart, I started hanging the lights really close together. I wrapped the cord around each and every branch, just like she instructed in one of her magazines. (Perhaps the one I shoved under the tree stand a few days ago to make it straight.) I bet you know where I’m going with this. We ran out of lights. What the heck! Martha would never run out of lights. I was bummed, because the top of the tree looked really great. But we wiggled them down, one by one. We got a little tangled in the strands, but we eventually got them in the place we wanted. Then came the ribbon garland. And guess what? We did it again! We shimmied and shifted and finally our tree was perfect.

 Recognize the angel on top of my tree? A prize goes to the reader who knows!

It was at this point that I became extremely engrossed in the episode of Fear Factor that was on in the background—gross being the keyword. Joe Rogan was convincing a really awkward mother and son team to eat five (FIVE!) live scorpions. It was a mess, guys, and those people pretty much have bricks for brains. I’m now positive I know why they canceled that show in the first place. Anyways, where were we? Fear Factor has distracted me once again!

Ok, ornament hanging. This is always my favorite part. I love taking out the ornaments because I always forget about them during the year and it’s almost like they are new all over again. This year, I was surprised to find a glittery bride and groom that my mom got us for Christmas last year, and a Boston Red Sox snowman. I’ll be even more surprised if my Yankee-loving husband will keep it on the tree till Christmas.

Tell me about your tree. Do you decorate yours with sentimental ornaments? Have you perfected light hanging? How do you get ornaments on the high branches? Leave your tree decorating tips here, please!


  1. I love trimming the tree!! I can't say that Joe (my fiance) agrees. This is our fourth tree together and we are getting into a routine. I made an ornament at a glass blowing class a few years ago that became our "official" ornament and it always the first to go on the tree. Then we trade turns putting up ones from when we were little or fun places we have traveled. I can't wait to continue this tradition when we have kids and explain why each ornament is so special!

  2. Libby! I am loving your blog and am a new subscriber :) That fine angel on your tree is Tom Brady. Excellent choice and since I know Keith's allegiance, I'm giggling! xo-Erin

  3. We had to string the lights 4 times this year before we got it right!

  4. I was a crew member of a professional Christmas decoration team &, yes, we wrapped each & every branch with lights. So pretty but it takes SO many lights! Your tree looks lovely & perfect as is!!

    Did you make your invitation ornament?

  5. @Erin, I considered putting a Tebow topper, but the Brady one ready to go from last year.
    @Koru Kate NOT YET! It's coming.