Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When the Husband’s Away, Follow The Wife Will Play

My husband is away on a business trip. It’s kind of a bummer when he leaves because it really changes my regular routine. The way I eat, the TV shows I watch and even the time I wake up is different when Keith’s not around. Since he travels at least once a month for business, I’ve found some pretty good ways to get around missing him so much. (But I still do!)

Mostly it involves watching bad TV. I like to honor “our shows” and I don’t watch them without Keith. Instead I tune into Real Housewives marathons, get sucked into The Bachelorette and tonight I’m planning to catch up on the Kardashians. Maybe I’ll even mail out a few Christmas cards. I’m not sure if I can squeeze them in before my brain turns to mush.

Keith’s trips are also a great excuse for me to visit my friends on Long Island. After work yesterday I shoved my way through crazy amounts of crazy people in Penn Station to see Alyson, Maura and Carroll Anne. Carroll Anne just had a baby so our plan was to pick up some pizza and hand it to Carroll Anne in exchange for the baby. A fair swap if you ask me. When we got there little Tommy was swinging away in his little baby hammock. I could tell he was dying to cuddle on my chest so I scooped him up right away and gave him lots of hugs and kisses and tickled his little baby toes. I loved seeing my friend in mom-mode. She’s a great mom, but she was also a great college roommate and someday, when Tommy is old enough, Auntie Libby will tell him all about the Shenanigans we’d get into.

Large mall Santa + Tiny little baby Tommy = The happiest holiday portrait ever!

One day Tommy will be as smart and gracious as his mom, but right now he’s the spitting image of his dad, Joe. That is not his dad in the photo above, btw. Joe is starting a blog and as soon as it’s up I’m going to give him a little shout out. But till then, he offered some blogging advice to me.

Me: You need to give your blog a tag line, something that will tell people what it’s about.

Joe: What’s yours?

Me: I don’t have one. I’m just Follow the Wife. It’s easy to say at parties. Follow the Wife. Just Follow the Wife.

Joe: I think you need a tag line. How about “UnaVEILable.”

That really cracks me up.

I have two questions for you today: 
1. Do I need a tag line? Let’s hear some more suggestions. 
2. Do you have a husband who travels for work? How does your routine change when your man is gone?


  1. Yes! Tagline! Let's have a lunch brainstorming session sometime.