Friday, December 2, 2011

Wedding Details: Secure Your Card Box

When it came the details, I agonized over every single one. Besides one. Our card box. I found a lovely floral box at Home Goods and that was it. I was pumped for a second that I would be able to use it after the wedding and then I stopped thinking about it.

Now, my lovely blog readers, I’m urging you to not be like me and think about your card box. Is it fabulous? Is it a representation of you and your fiance? Does it fit with your theme? Yes, great! Now, is your card box secure?

What? No, you didn’t think about that? You didn’t think that at a thing so glorious as your wedding day you had to consider the awful notion that some of your wedding gifts may grow legs and walk away?

I hate to burst your wedding day bubble. Seriously, I feel bad putting this terrible thought in your head, but sadly I've heard several stories about stolen wedding gifts. You have no idea how much this hurts me. I do not want any couple to go through this. I want you to all have covered card boxes, so I scoured the web for these secure options. Have a look:

It’s pretty and it’s personalized! Buy it here.

Simply elegant. You can buy this beauty here.

Attention all you DIYers. You MUST check out this how-to I found on Pinterest from Amandita Designs. I just love this one! 

Do you love these card box options as much as I do? Tell me, what will you use to hold cards and wedding gifts? 

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