Monday, December 12, 2011

Mr & Mrs' First Christmas Tree

Was it just me or did that weekend speed by in record time? December weekends have that quality, I think. Lots of running around, but when we get to run from friend's houses to family dinners, I can't really complain. Yesterday Keith and I cut down our Christmas tree from his mom's yard—our first as a married couple. When Keith was a kid, his family planted a bunch of Christmas trees. Now there is a veritable forest back there and I think it's so exciting to not only cut down our own tree, but cut down a tree that my husband helped to grow. That Keith and his green thumb!

Our tree: before

Cutting down your own tree is easier than I had imagined it would be. Hauling it onto your car and strapping it down is another story. Of course, we didn't think about tree transporting in advance so we were left with only two bungee cords and some twine we found in the garage. We also didn't have that nice netting that trees from Christmas tree stores come in. You know, the ones that make them nice and slim and easy to strap down. Nope. Not us. We had a big old tree, tied down with some twine. It was a Clark Grishwald moment.
I forgot to snap a picture of how hilarious our car looked with a giant tree on top. Probably because I was very distracted by the fear of it falling off and getting run over by a car Modern Family style.

Our farm-to-table tree!

Not to worry. We got the tree home and inside in one piece. We even got it into the stand and relatively straight (with the help of some magazines) before half time ended. And then we decided that was enough holiday magic for one night and we'd rather watch Dexter than decorate it. (I do not regret that decision.) Tonight it's tree trimming time and I've got lots of pretty ribbon and white lights. I'm even going to attempt this invitation ornament DIY. Whoa! Wish me luck.

Readers, are we the last to get our tree this year? Tell me about your first Christmas as a Mr. & Mrs. 


  1. How special that your Mr. helped grow your first Christmas tree as Mr. & Mrs.! Happy tree trimming~

  2. Thank you! I got a clear glass ornament last night, too. Let the invitation DIY begin!

  3. I LOVE the ornaments. That's such a creative idea. We did a similar thing at my cousin's baby shower - everyone filled and decorated ornaments for baby's first Christmas. Cant wait to see yours!!

  4. We're already stuffed kind of full into our one-bedroom apartment with more furniture than we need. We decided not to get a tree, but now I want one. I want to get our first Christmas tree for our first Christmas as Mr. and Mrs.

    It feels like December is rushing by, partly because my husband is still in finals at school. I want to relish this season as my first with him, but it feels like we aren't making it special enough. :(

  5. Elspeth, I know what you mean. We have little room here, too. I hid a houseplant behind the tree because there was just no where to put it. You can still take advantage of your first Christmas together without a tree. Start a new tradition. Also, you can get really cute mini trees at Target, and they are 5 bucks!

  6. I'm really excited for tomorrow night, because it's Zach's last class and we're going to celebrate in a very Christmas-y way. We're going to a Christmas market and then a fancy restaurant in Macy's (with a huge tree and fancy holiday drinks!) I hope to get "first Christmas" ornaments at the market and start really feeling the holiday spirit.

    I think it's mostly just been hard to wait until school is out (forever!) to start getting in the spirit.